Welcome to the Imbala library, which was built by generous book donations from our community. (If you want to know more about Imbala, a member-run cooperative, visit the about page!)

Please take down a book! Read it here, and when you are done, put it back where it was (use the colors)!

The legend is:

  • Light blue - The Nakba and the Occupation
  • Dark blue - Other local struggles in Palestine / Israel
  • Red - Struggles outside of Palestine
  • Green - Fiction and non-fiction
  • White - Not for checkout

Don’t forget to look at the fanzines in the crates on the bottom shelf. If you have a fanzine you want to leave here, place it in the collection and send us an email so we can add it to the catalog.

Want to donate to the library? You can help us buy more books, especially in Arabic. Want to donate books to the library? Great, but we don’t accept every book, so please write us an email.

Want to browse the catalog? It is also on Imbala’s website:

Want to help Palestinian libraries? Check out Matloub, library books for Palestine:

Questions? Write to:

Checking out books

If you want to read it at home, check it out. You’ll need to leave some contact details so we can be in touch to remind you to return the books.

Option 1 : send us an email @

Option 2 : Ask the Imbalista on shift to go to to add the details of the checkout.

- Some books may be marked “not for checkout:”

- Imbala members may check out up to three books at a time for up to a month. In the spirit of Occupy, at the end of the loan period, they may keep one of the borrowed books as long as they exchange it for another one that is approved by the library team.

- Non-members can check out one book at a time with the same possibility to exchange it for a book of their own at the end of one month

Another reason to write to and become a member of Imbala!